Dear Ottawa County Concerned Citizens,

I created this PAC because I feel it is MY DUTY to tell the world about Ottawa Impact, the philosophy they espouse and the threat they pose to the integrity of Ottawa County government. The threat is primarily to the integrity to our public health and was born in a school that willfully failed to comply with mandatory, legal Covid measures during the pandemic. Their mission is to retaliate against and to neuter the Ottawa County Public Health Department in ways that are illegal and unjustified but hidden by the fact that they hold public office. Their “impact” on Ottawa County Government has been devastating, dangerous and constitutes a continuing threat to public health and to good government in general. I believe they must be removed from office as soon as possible. I am writing to ask for your help to make that happen.

Ottawa Impact must be decisively defeated in 2024 to prevent permanent damage to our county.

During the pandemic, before they held office, I saw their future members advocating against and ignoring essential public health measures, promoting a concept of a selfish freedom that ignores the greater good. The truth is more involved and dangerous than the simple story they tell, as is every issue they campaign upon. I personally witnessed their attempts to coerce the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners into violating a well-reasoned law by pressuring them to terminate the Public Health Officer so they could continue to ignore a contagious outbreak and contact tracing in their school, demonstrating a blatant disregard for legal and ethical standards and the public health.

Once in office the OI Commissioners first tried to demote the Public Health Officer in opposition to the law. Then they changed the results of the previous board’s actions to try to make it as if she was never appointed to the position, misleading the court by accusing other public officials of illegal acts to support that fiction. The simplest due diligence would have exposed the lie they were telling. Fortunately, the courts have seen through these fictions, but only after lengthy litigation where their favored lawyers billed many unnecessary hours to the county. The entire expense of that litigation and those appeals were unnecessary and, in my opinion, constitute a fraud perpetrated against the people of Ottawa County.


Quoting Judge Christopher P. Yates during questioning at the Appeals Court. 

“As a general matter of Michigan Law though, a County Commission speaks through its resolutions, correct? I mean we’ve said that, the Supreme Court said that. What you’re suggesting is the equivalent of digging back into legislative history or comments made during the course of the debate on the floor to override what the ultimate act is when is when the legislature for example passes a bill. And I don’t see why we would accept that invitation to create chaos in determining what a County Commission did by looking at every scrap of information we can get from a meeting to figure out what they actually did when a resolution is clear and unambiguous on its face. I mean don’t you see the problem with that?

The next attempt at retaliation had the Board Chair and the Administrator using a manipulation of the budget process and undefined phrases of the statute to bring charges of incompetence and malfeasance against the Public Health Officer. At the hearing on the charges, they did not feel the need to present a case, relying upon the already biased board; the only standard needed for conviction.

WMi Here Right Matters PAC aims to expose the true nature of the Christian Nationalist extremists within Ottawa Impact who are undermining their oath of office and distorting the truth in service of their narrow view of what Ottawa County should be.

What happened next is in dispute and subject to further litigation. In hearings that lasted for two days the Public Health Administrator’s counsel laid out a case showing the behavior of the board, the administrator and their counsel. In closed session, as subsequent news reports disclosed, negotiations began. In my opinion the confidence of the commissioners waivered and it became clear the Public Health Officer would likely win any wrongful termination case. But even worse, as I had argued to the commissioners during public comment, the future would be full of legal discovery, public hearings, the disclosure of their incompetence and malfeasance in office and the dispute would be decided by impartial triers of the facts.

So, they negotiated to buy their way out. When the news of the sum of money involved became public their supporters and the insurers revolted, and shortly after they tried to withdraw from the not fully documented agreement. When the year ended the case was still unresolved.

I believe that Ottawa Impact must be decisively defeated in the elections of 2024 to prevent permanent damage to our county. I founded the Facebook group "Ottawa Objects" to amplify the voices that spoke out in opposition, but more than just voices, action is needed. I feel challenged to break through to a public focused on everyday life MAKE THIS STORY MORE WIDELY KNOWN! I feel the need to raise the funds and to create effective communication strategies to be sure they don’t sneak past the notice a sleeping public again.

To defeat Ottawa Impact, I have established the Independent Expenditure (Super) PAC "WMi Here Right Matters PAC." (aka WMI HRM PAC) Your support will be crucial in telling those who have not been listening to the true story of how Ottawa Impact is governing our county. Your contributions will be used to reveal the true but ugly story of OI, to promote the growth of membership in groups in the County Commissioner Districts that will find and run candidates to bring the people’s voices back to Ottawa County government and to support registering voters throughout the county. 

Please consider donating to WMI HRM PAC today.

Thank you.
David L. Barnosky







Text "nooi" to (888) 444-8774 to give.